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Dafabet Virtual Sports Betting is the most flexible way to earn big

Dafabet Virtual Sports Betting is the most secure and flexible way to earn big via betting on virtual sports events. It is the only online betting platform that accepts crypto accounts too. Hence, you can transact in both real and cryptocurrencies.

What do you know about Dafabet Virtual Sports?

With a wide variety of virtual sports options and amazingly high payouts, Dafabet gives you the right platform to test your understanding of sports. And with ample bonuses and promotional offers, your ride through virtual sports betting becomes even more enjoyable.

If you are a regular at conventional sports betting, betting on virtual sports will be a thrilling experience for you. With virtual sports betting, you can earn huge rewards by conquering tricky game situations.

Our virtual sports simulations are 1-2 minutes long and are crafted by experts who know everything about real sports. These simulations present the most complicated sports situations, and hence the odds are quite high. But, the rewards are higher than the odds for sure!

We use a special algorithm to generate the final outcome. All the game-related statistics are displayed 1-2 minutes before the game so that the player can make informed decisions.

Virtual Sport

Navigating Through Our Virtuals Section

Betting on virtual sports via Dafabet is extremely easy! You just need to login to your Dafabet account and go to the “Virtual” tab in the main menu. Click on it to enter our Virtual Sports section.

On that page, you can navigate through the hottest offers and all the categories of virtual sports to choose from.

Some of the virtual sports betting categories that we offer are:

  • Edge gaming
  • Incentive games
  • Highlight games
  • Betradar
  • Kiron
  • Vir2al games
  • LEAP games
  • BetConstruct

You can simply click on these category links to enter and browse through the games available in each of these categories. Let’s take you through some of the virtual sports options available on Dafabet.

Virtual Football

Dafabet’s virtual football simulations are inspired by real football matches. Hence, you can feel the flavor of real football while enjoying the virtual games.

Each of these virtual football simulations lasts for around a minute. Post that, the player gets enough time to check the stats for the game.

There is a time interval of around 3 minutes between each game. To make it a bit more interesting for the fans, the names of the teams have been kept keeping real teams in mind. If you are a Munich fan, you will get to see Munich here too, and the same goes for many other teams.

We also offer a variety of competitions to choose from, including:

  • Virtual Premier League
  • Virtual La Liga
  • Virtual African Nations
  • Virtual World League
  • Instant football

At Dafabet, the players can choose from multiple betting providers like Kiron, Leap Gaming, Vir2al, Bet Radar, and Incentive as well. They can choose whichever they want as all of them will offer an equal amount of thrill.

Games Duration

In Dafabet, the total average duration of each game will be up to 3 minutes, but it depends on the provider too. The players will get around 3 minutes and a half to prepare their bets.

Market and Betting Options

At Dafabet, you get all the popular betting options and markets like:

  • Full-time
  • Asian Handicap,
  • Asian over/under
  • Match results
  • Half-time markets
  • Goals markets
  • Correct score
  • Over/under
  • Half-time/full time
  • Double chance
  • First goal
  • Both teams to score

Virtual Cricket Betting

Dafabet offers you the best of virtual cricket betting, where you can change the format of odds at your own will. Offered by Edge Gaming, the duration of each virtual match can range up to 3 minutes, which includes breaks too.


We offer a wide range of markets including:

  • Winner
  • Over/under
  • Coin toss
  • The home team’s total runs
  • The away team’s total runs
  • Total
  • Total boundaries
  • Home team wicket
  • Away team wicket
  • Both teams score x runs
  • Odd/ even

Virtual Horse Racing

Our virtual horse races are quite popular and easy to play. They offer a wide variety of options and events, with different numbers of runners on different terrains. The players can win huge prize money from this sport.

The virtual races last from a few seconds to one minute, depending on the type of events, after which the stats for the race are displayed. Post that, the players can see the markets and odds for the next race. The races are played at an interval of three minutes.


We offer the following standard markets for virtual horse races at Dafabet:

  • Winners of the race
  • Top 3 winners
  • Top 2 winners

Virtual Speedway

Dafabet Virtual Speedway is heaven for motorbike race betting. Multiple bikers (usually 4 in most of the games) race down the virtual track, competing against each other. The races last for around 45 seconds to one minute.

The betters get 15 seconds to preview the statistics of the previous race. After the race is completed, the players get around 2 minutes of break to prepare for the next bet.

Betting Options and Markets

Dafabet offers the following betting options and markets for Virtual Speedway races:

  • Winner
  • Forecast
  • Top 2 winners

Virtual Greyhounds

This virtual dog race betting has won hearts all over! At Dafabet, virtual greyhounds are amongst one of the most popular virtual race betting categories.

The Greyhounds and race tracks are well-designed and animated by the innovative NSoft team. The players can find 6-8 dogs running on the racetrack at a time. And they can bet on either one or many of these dogs.

The total duration of virtual greyhound races is 3 minutes. It includes the race time, time for display of race statistics, and the break time to prepare for the next race.


Dafabet offers the following markets for virtual greyhounds:

  • Win
  • Place
  • Show

Other Virtual Sports at

Apart from the ones discussed above, Dafabet also offers a lot of other virtual sports betting options, like:

  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual Goals
  • Virtual Racing
  • Instant speedway
  • Virtual trotting
  • Virtual cockfighting
  • Virtual Ice-hockey
  • Virtual Sports Betting via Mobile

You can enjoy all the virtual sports betting events from our mobile app and website. Our mobile app is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. However, do not forget to instant Adobe Flash Player into your mobile e to enjoy the bets from your mobile phones.

Dafabet’s Promotions for Online Virtual Sports

Dafabet offers loads of promotional offers and coupons for online virtual sports. We also offer specific offers for specific virtual sports events. So, you can enjoy some of the best bonuses in this section.

You can browse through the promotional offers from the “Promotions” section of the website. To avail of the bonus, you will have to fill in the opt-in form. Please note that one player can avail of only one active bonus in a year.

Apart from that, players participating in virtual sports betting also get a 1.2% weekly rebate. We also offer promotional discounts via promo codes that can be applied to Global Bet and Bet Construct Virtual betting.