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OW Sports

Dafabet is one of the most trusted online gambling sites in Asia that offers sports betting online Casinos, Online Poker, and online games. All Indian players including beginner’s intermediates and gambling masters can meet their desires through the Dafabet Sportsbook.

OW Sports Introduction

OW Sports in Dafabet is the oldest sportsbook with comparatively less selection of sports to bet on. Many players from India and other countries use this OW sportsbook to place their bets and win exciting prizes. OW Sports in Dafabet provides more bonuses on regular promotions to attract new players and convert them into long-term users. Instant withdrawal, Live streaming, and in-play betting make OW Sportsbook a leading bookie.

OW sports in Dafabet cover various sports such as Cricket, Tennis, Saba Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Lotto, Gulf, Rugby, Motorsports, Mix Parlay, etc… OW sports also offer Indian players a wide range of Virtual sports to bet on. And some of them are listed below,

  • Virtual Soccer Asian Cup
  • Virtual Soccer Euro Cup
  • Virtual Soccer Champions Cup
  • Virtual Soccer World Cup
  • Virtual Soccer Nation
  • Virtual Basketball
  • Virtual Tennis

Other Betting markets that feature in OW sports are Number Games (All Number Games, Number Game, and Happy 5). Saba PinGoal (All PinGoal, Soccer PinGoal, Soccer PinGoal Max, and Basketball PinGoal), and RNG keno/Lottery (RNG Keno, MaxGame, Lottery, Table Game, Soccer Lottery, E-Sports Lottery, NBA Lottery, Tennis Lottery, and Cricket Lottery) and E-sports.

OW Sports – Welcome Bonus

Dafabet offers a fantastic chance for Indian players to get a First deposit bonus of up to INR 30,000 on the OW Sports account. Players must fill in the Opt-in form to choose their desired first deposit bonus offer.

First Deposit Offer Wagering Requirement
110% FDB up to INR 16,500 (USDT 215) WR 15X
60% FDB up to INR 30,000 (USDT 400) WR 10X
  • Dafabet offers this Welcome bonus exclusively for all new players who choose their currency as INR and make their first deposit in OW sports.
  • The Players must choose only one package in the Opt-in form and make a minimum deposit of INR 1,000 on the same day in the OW sports account to avail of this offer.
  • Players must send their bonus claims before placing any bets in the OW sportsbook. The player’s claim for the First deposit bonus will get rejected if he uses his first deposit before receiving the FDB.
  • Players will be rewarded with the first deposit bonus only once and the same will be issued within 24 hours after the player has opted-in.
  • Draw, refunded, voided, and bets placed will not be counted towards any wagering requirement calculation. Players will not be eligible for any rebates or cashback until their wagering requirement has been finished.
  • Bets placed on Jackpot bet, NGVS, Happy 5, Table game, and RNG keno will not be included in the wagering requirement.
  • Creating multiple accounts is not allowed. If a player creates multiple accounts, he will not be awarded the bonus.
  • Players will be immediately banned and forfeited if their behavior is deemed as bonus abuse.
  • OW Sports reserves the right to amend, cancel, or reclaim any promotion at its sole discretion.
  • OW Sports has the right to make the final decision.

NBA Play-in and Playoffs Challenge

OW Sports offers Indian players a marvelous chance to win INR 6,500,000 by submitting the correct predictions of the NBA Play-in tournament and whole playoff challenges from round 1 up to the finals. Players will also receive Consolation prizes which will be divided in case of multiple winners.

Consolation Prizes (1WR)
Whole Play-in tournament INR 320,000
Whole Round 1 Games INR 1,500,000
Round 1 – semifinals INR 2,200,000
Round 1 – Conference finals INR 3,200,000
  • Deadline for submitting the predictions is until April 20, 2023, before the start of the NBA Playoffs Round 1.
  • Players must meet the following deposit limit and turnover requirements on OW sportsbook in order to get their entry valid.
Deposit Requirement Turnover Requirement
INR 3,200 INR 6,500
  • Players have to place their bets with odds of at least 1.50 or above on any 2023 NBA Play-in tournament and Playoffs so that those bets will be counted on the turnover requirement calculation.
  • The duration for the required deposit and turnover limit is from April 10 to June 18, 2023.
  • Jackpot prize and Consolation prize will be issued in a form of free bets on the OW sports account of the winner on June 18, 2023.
  • Consolation prize free bets have a 1x wagering requirement to withdraw or transfer the fund.
  • Bets placed on Jackpot will not be counted for wagering requirement calculation. Players must meet the flip-over requirements for the existing bonus to claim another bonus.
  • Dafabet has the right to disqualify any player if any foul play takes place in the promotion.

Celtic FC Prediction Challenge

OW Sports provides Indian players a good opportunity to get INR 350 free bet weekly on their correct score prediction.

  • This free bet offer is open to all OW sports players.
  • Players must submit an entry every week with their predictions and username to join the contest. Only the latest entries will be considered.
  • Players must submit their entries before the first whistle of every match.
  • If a player predicts the scores correctly, then he will receive INR 350 free bet. Players need not meet the deposit or turnover limit for game week 1.
  • After game week 1, players must place a bet of at least INR 700 on any pre-match or live Scottish Premiership market with odds of at least 1.50 or above on OW Sports to get qualified for the bonus offer.
  • Free bets issued will have 1x wagering to be able to withdraw. Draw, voided, and refunded bets placed will not be counted towards any wagering requirement calculation.
  • Bets placed on Jackpot will not be counted for wagering requirement computation.

MLB Cashback

OW Sports offers Indian players a nice platform to bet and also a chance to win 9.88% cashback up to INR 6,500 every week on their MLB bets. Players can place their pre-match or live bets on any 2023 MLB match. Rewarded cashback will be credited to the player’s OW sports account every Monday.

Player Type Cashback % Maximum Amount
VIP Platinum 9.88% INR 6,500 (USDT 100)
VIP Gold 9.88% INR 6,500 (USDT 100)
VIP Silver 8.88% INR 5,000 (USDT 80)
VIP Bronze 7.88% INR 3,200 (USDT 50)

 This weekly cashback bonus is valid for all VIP players who have successfully opted-in.

  • Players must place bets with odds of at least 1.50 to get qualified for the bonus.
  • Players must complete 1x wagering requirement to make a withdrawal.
  • Cashback to be awarded will be calculated from players’ losses within a specific period of time.
  • Draw, voided, refunded, and bets placed on Jackpot bets and Virtuals will not be counted towards any wagering requirement calculation.
  • Players must have multiple deposit counts to be eligible to receive weekly cashback or rebates.

Refer A Friend

Refer or invite your friend to place a bet in Dafabet and earn up to INR 2,000 free bet.

Dafabet offers this promotion exclusively for all Real players with INR as their chosen currency.

After successfully referring 3 players to Dafabet,        the referrer will get the bonus listed below, 

Free Bet for the 4th Referral and thereafter
Level Bonus
Platinum INR 1,250 (15 USDT / 2.5 mBTC)
Gold INR 1,000 (12 USDT / 2 mBTC)
Silver INR 750 (10 USDT / 1.5 mBTC)
Bronze INR 500 (7 USDT / 1 mBTC)
  • Rewarded free bets will have a 5x wagering requirement before the player gets eligible to make a withdrawal.
  • The player’s referral will be considered valid only when his referred friend deposits at least INR 2,000.
  • Referred friends submitted through the opt-in form will be considered for the bonus.
  • Referrer must have an accumulated deposit of at least INR 5,000 and 10 finished bets within the last 30 days.
  • Referrers can refer a maximum of 10 friends per month.
  • The creation of a duplicate account is not allowed. If found, those accounts will be banned and funds forfeited.
  • Bets placed on odds 1.50 and above will be counted for the wagering requirement. Draw, voided, refunded, and bets placed on Jackpot bets are excluded from any wagering requirement computation.
  • Referrer’s account and their referral’s account will be verified before issuing the bonus.
  • The bonus will be processed within the next 24-48 hours upon sending the claim request for the referral bonus.

Mix Parlay Rebate

Indian players can get up to INR 180,000 rebate on all of their Mix Parlay bets either winning or losing. This rebate promotion is exclusive to all VIP bronze players.

  • Indian players must bet at least INR 200 on Mix Parlay with odds of at least 1.20 to qualify for the Mix Parlay Rebate.
  • Players with at least 2 selections on the mixed parlay bet will only be qualified.
  • All qualified VIP bronze players will automatically receive a 3% rebate. Other players will get a rebate of 2.50%
  • The rebate bonus is subjected to a 1x wagering requirement before a player can be eligible to make a withdrawal.
  • Draw, voided, refunded, and bets placed on Jackpot bets will not count towards any wagering requirement computation.