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Dafabet Registration and Verification Account for Indian players

The player must create an account in Dafabet before he can play online games, make deposits, or withdraw funds from the account. If the Indian player is under the age of 18, his betting account will be disabled by the Dafabet. Even though the Indian player wishes to bet on his favorite sporting events, he will not be allowed to do so if he does not meet the age criteria.

Step by step to signup a new Dafabet on Desktop

Registering as a new Dafabet player, kindly follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit the Dafabet official website using our link.
  2. Click the “Join now” button at the top right side (refer to image) and click it.
  3. Enter player details – Username, password, and email id. After choosing the country code, enter the mobile number.
  4. Enter the player’s basic information – First name, last name, and birthdate. Next, choose player currency and nation. After accepting the terms and conditions, click the “Create Account” option for registering.
Dafabet registration page
Dafabet registration page

4 steps to register with Dafabet mobile app

The Dafabet mobile app for iOS or Android has a straightforward registration procedure that makes creating a new account a breeze. To join correctly, just adhere to the steps below:

  1. Install the Dafabet app. using the Dafabet website, and download and install the relevant mobile app for the player device.
  2. Start the Dafabet App. On the player’s smartphone’s home page, select the Dafabet button. Next, look for the registration button. Click the “Join Now” button in the top-right corner of the screen to proceed to the next step.
  3. Please enter player details. Name, contact information (email and phone number), a password player can recall, and password confirmation. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, input any affiliate or promotion codes the player may have. Then click “Create Account”.
  4. The Player has now successfully signed up for the Dafabet mobile program, Congrats…

How to verify Dafabet account?

The player must validate his Dafabet account before he can place any bet. This step is part of the KYC (Know Your Client) procedure, which verifies the players’ identities and ensures that they behave lawfully. The sportsbook always makes a promise that the data won’t be gathered or distributed. To finish the authentication of the account, follow the steps mentioned below,

  1. Register with a player account.
  2. Use player registration information to access the Dafabet account, and submit the required paperwork.
  3. Players will be having the option to upload two documents for account verification in account settings: proof of location and proof of identification (such as a passport or driver’s license).
  4. Players will receive a confirmation response in a few business days after properly submitting the papers for verification showing whether the information was rejected or accepted.
  5. Once the account gets verified, the player can deposit, bet, win, and withdraw funds whenever the player wishes.

Dafabet Login:

Follow the instructions below to sign in to the Dafabet account:

  1. Check out the webpage. using our link, go to the main Dafabet website;
  2. Press the sign-in icon. Click the “Log In” button to go to the next step.
  3. Access player account. Type in the player passcode or else enter the player’s mobile number or email address.
  4. Congratulations, the player has just logged into the Dafabet account effectively.